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Afters & Short reading list for holidays

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Mmes TORRE et HATCHI présentent quelques indications utiles de lecture pour nos collégiens. Qu’ils profitent de leur vacances.


Par curiosité, voici les sujets d’anglais du  Bac 2015 .Les enfants pourront les lire et essayer de les faire pendant les grandes vacances !( Veuillez cliquer sur les liens):

sujet bac techno anglais lv1 2015

sujet bac l es s anglais lv1 2015

Et pour démarrer la seconde, lire, lire et lire le plus d’ouvrages possibles en anglais, piochés (ou pas ) dans la bibliographie ci-jointe (cliquer sur le lien):

british section from troisième to seconde

Mme Torre

“Books are words, and you need words to express yourselves.”  Dangerous Minds, 1995.

Dear students,
The holidays are almost here – how time has flown! Since September, you have come a long way and can be proud of your progress. However, you still have room for improvement!
So here is a short reading list for the holidays so that you can maintain your level of English. It is not mandatory, but highly recommended! Enjoy, and “Happy Holidays”!
Michelle HATCHI

-The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
-Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
-Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
-Harry Potter
-Roald Dahl books

My personal list from my childhood years

Marvel Comics
Agatha Christie
*Nancy Drew series
*Paddington ( and the film in English on VOD)
*The Famous Five series
*Enid Blyton books

You can also do online scrabble, boggle, crosswords and word search games in English. – or buy some if you’re lucky enough to travel to an English-speaking country.
Have a look too at the websites we used in class this year.GSI HATCHI image bookwarm

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