Visit of Ms Schuyler ESPRIT, Médiathèque Caraïbe

Commentaires d’élèves de la seconde Cambridge qui ont eu la chance de s’entretenir avec le Dr Schuyler ESPRIT.

N°1 :

We went to Mediatheque Caraibe where we met Dr ESPRIT, a young and ambitious lady from Dominica. There we discussed with her and she was pleased to answer our numerous questions. She was really nice and kind. She shared her experiences and stories with us.

After finishing high school, she moved to the U.S.A and got a P.H.D in English literature. She told us that she had to read two hundred books in only three months. She also confessed that she had always been interested in books even if she didn’t know precisely what she wanted to study.
She has just opened a computing center. For her, buying books online is not a problem because it’s still a way to enjoy literature.
My impressions: Even if she is young, she has a lot of plans for the future. She was very articulate and the students could easily understand what she said. A young woman speaking to a young audience made the conversation more interesting.

Text written by Stéphane DESPLAN Seconde Cambridge.

N°2 :

Dr Shuyler ESPRIT was born and raised in Dominica and is 32 years old. She graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park. She has a P.H.D in English Language and Literature. She currently lives and works in Washington D.C. where she’s an assistant professor of English Literature and Culture. She’s also written articles for various magazines and is presently writing a book on West Indian reading culture.
We asked her if her studies were difficult. She answered “Yes” because there’s a lot of competition. However, if you work hard and you’re determined you can overcome any obstacle and succeed. She’s currently in Guadeloupe for the Caribbean Writers Festival.
She then told us about the books she’s writing. One is about the life of one of her friends who inspired her, and the other one deals with West Indian reading culture. She concluded the meeting by giving us her point of view about new technologies and their impact on books. She was very easy to understand, and happily answered all our questions. It was a pleasant conversational atmosphere.

Text written by Morgane Bierry / Naomi Lacides-Jeanly / Euzhane Monlouis / Pierre Maestracci / Edwina Saint-Hilaire Seconde Cambridge.